Is It Time for a Mobile Website?

Greetings musicians! Let’s try something here. Do you have a website? Good. Do you have a smartphone? Great. Grab your smartphone, the one that’s probably within arm’s reach, and look up your website. That’s right, stop reading and look it up.

Well, how does it look? Not bad, okay. But what if someone wants a bit of information or wants to find something, like a song or tour dates? Now what? Do you have to pinch and pull the screen? Are you suddenly self-conscious about having fat fingers because you’re not able to click the right buttons?

First Impression or Potential Fan Perspective

Let’s look at it from a first impression perspective or a potential fan’s perspective. We all know the importance of a good first impression. A website visit could be a potential fan’s first impression of you and your music. They heard a friend mention your name or clicked the website link in your Twitter bio. They’re curious enough to want to find out more. They’re doing exactly what you want: they’re visiting your website. The next moment is pivotal. The page is loading . . . This is your in, your chance to make a new fan who’ll fall in love with your music, come to your shows, and proceed to tell the world how awesome you are. What happens next?

The page finishes loading, and there it is, yet another small print, hard to read website that takes more effort to navigate than the potential fan is willing to give. The hard truth is, if your website’s first impression leaves people frustrated and annoyed, 79% of them will leave and start looking for another website. People would much rather scroll through tweets or crush candy than pinch and pull your website. They leave and yet another potential fan is lost.


Is It Time for a Mobile Website?


There’s Hope

The good news is, when visiting a mobile-FRIENDLY website, 74% of people say they’re more likely to return to that website in the future. And this is where we come in. We’re here to turn your mobile visits into good impressions and new fans. We’re here to make your songs easy to listen to and your tour dates easy to find, so when potentials fans visit your website from their smartphones, they have a great experience. Many first impressions are made through mobile visits to your website. Don’t let your first impression be your last!


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