How can churches reach more people? That’s a great question isn’t it? For churches, reaching people and making disciples of all nations is what it’s all about, right? Yes, and that’s just what Freedom Valley Church is doing. Ministering to the people of Adams County, PA, Freedom Valley aim to reach those who’ve given up on church, those who fellowshipped with Christians but no longer go to church because of painful experiences.


Freedom Valley Church


So how can churches reach more people, and more particularly, how is Freedom Valley doing it? Well, there are many ways, from social media to direct mail, from billboard advertisements to local TV programs, even down to the simplicity of the church sign out front. Most of which Freedom Valley is doing, but recently, Freedom Valley launched a marketing effort a bit more unique, a marketing strategy we’ll see a lot more of in the near future.

Freedom Valley Church partnered with us this past November and launched mobile apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems around Christmas. What a great Christmas gift for the Freedom Valley congregation, right?! So how do their mobile apps let them reach more people?

Church Mobile App

Share the Most Recent Sermons

More than anything, churches want more people to hear the Message, so how do you make your sermons easily accessible? For Freedom Valley, we created two ways for people to hear their sermons, one that integrated podcasts from their RSS feed – Freedom Valley Church Podcasts – and one that integrated videos from their YouTube channel. Now people can easily listen to Freedom Valley’s sermons on their way to work, on a lunch break, or traveling across the country. One man even commented that he’s able to access Freedom Valley Church’s sermons from Uganda now! How awesome is that?!

How Churches Can Reach More People

Share When and Where Events Are

Most churches post upcoming events in their bulletins, but after leaving church, how many people hang on to their bulletins? A few for sure but not many. I know church websites aren’t updated regularly enough to rely on. Social media is extremely useful for sharing church events, whether through Facebook or Twitter. However, not everyone sees every post or Tweet. Believe it or not, not everyone is logged into Facebook all the time. Just a quick tip, every church should share upcoming events, no matter how small, on a Facebook calendar app.

An even better idea is to share upcoming events through a mobile app. People keep their mobile phones attached to their hip. In fact, 91% of mobile users keep their phones within arm’s reach 24/7. And mobile apps are extremely popular. For those who downloaded the Freedom Valley mobile app, they can easily check when and where events are while on the go.

Church Mobile App Events

Share Church Information Instantly

What marketing efforts allow you to instantly communicate with lots of people? SMS marketing, yes. However, SMS marketing can be expensive. Can you think of anymore? Push notifications! Push notifications are basically like instant messages, and according to several sources, 97% of push notifications are read. Now compare that to email marketing, with a 20% read rate being good. Push notifications are a significant feature for any mobile app, being able to instantly communicate with users any bit of information, whether reminding people about an event or sharing a Bible verse.

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