As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for online tools and services to increase productivity. It’s important to me to find resources to increase efficiency and allow me to spend more time growing BuzzBurrito. Molly and I have just as much time in the day as the next guy, and as a small business owner, you know there are just never enough hours in the day. When I find an online tool that decreases the time spent on an activity and increases the quality, I get stoked!

Over time, I’ve bookmarked and acquired a lot of online resources that I love using, and I’m happy to share a few of them with you today.

5 Online Resources to Make Your Business More Productive


Hemingway App

I stumbled upon the Hemingway App about two weeks ago, and I absolutely love it!

The Hemingway App helps you construct well-written sentences, awaking the Ernest inside of you. It highlights hard to read sentences in yellow or red and passive voice in green. It shows you when to replace words and phrases with simpler substitutes and adverbs with forceful verbs.


5 Online Resources to Make Your Business More Productive


Instead of using a Word doc. to type this blog post, which I would’ve done before two weeks ago, I’m now using the Hemingway App. I immediately know when to rewrite a sentence, and I no longer have to skim my writing for poorly constructed sentences, which I never had to do anyway.

Cost: FREE!

Signals by HubSpot

Signals is a wonderful Google Chrome extension that changed email marketing for me. Before Signals, I wondered if leads received my emails. My emails could’ve gone straight to spam for all I knew. How do you send an “intelligent” follow-up email if you don’t know whether a lead received the first one?

With Signals, I no longer second-guess whether a lead receives my email. Signals tells me when a lead opens my email, how often they open my email, and if they click on a link in my email.


Resources to Make You More Productive


Cost: FREE!

Adobe EchoSign

As EchoSign says, “E-signatures keep business moving.” And they do just that. When you need a proposal signed, upload it to EchoSign and email it to your potential client for an electronic signature. Gone are the days of physical proposals, unless of course you’re meeting with a potential client in-person.

If you want a quick turnaround on proposals, don’t send potential clients proposals they have to print, sign, and scan. Send them proposals through Adobe EchoSign.


Adobe EchoSign


Cost: FREE for one user and five documents a month.


If you enjoy reading online articles and blog posts as much as I do, you’ll love Feedly. It compiles all your favorite blogs and news articles into one location, saving you lots of time. I used to move from HubSpot to Buffer to other blogs and news sites. Now I just go straight to Feedly.


Feedly Example


Cost: FREE!


Small businesses can waste a lot of time invoicing and tracking down late payments, but there are a lot of options to cut down on this waste. FreshBooks is one of those options.


FreshBooks Logo


FreshBooks is amazing for invoicing, especially if your clients pay recurring fees. Once you setup a recurring invoice for a client, you never have to think about invoicing that client again. And if your client opts in for automatic billing, you don’t have to worry about tracking them down for late payments.

If you regularly invoice the same clients, make it easy for them to pay you. Offer them the ability to pay online and setup automatic billing.

Cost: $19.95 a month for the Seedling plan.



I recently learned that FreshBooks offers a free invoicing service called Free Invoice Creator, so if you’re not quite ready to pay $19.95 a month for the Seedling plan, check out the FREE option!


There are so many great online resources, and these are just a few of them I’ve used over the last six months. Cyfe, IFTTT, Quote Roller, Trello, and Zendesk are a few I plan on checking out over the next few months.

As I said, I’m constantly looking for online resources to increase productivity, so leave a comment letting me know what online resources make you most productive.


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