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WaterFire Sharon Mobile Apps

As the 2014 WaterFire Sharon events draw near, we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of the WaterFire Sharon mobile apps! Download either the iPhone app or Android app now to enhance your experience while attending WaterFire Sharon’s events.

iPhone Mobile App     Android Mobile App

The WaterFire Sharon mobile apps contain a number of informational and engaging features, especially the Events, Points of Interest, and Fan Wall tabs. Don’t miss out on any of the experiences WaterFire Sharon has to offer by downloading their apps, which let you RSVP for limited-space events. Connect your Facebook account and/or Twitter account to engage with WaterFire Sharon and other event attendees.

Using the Events tab, you won’t miss your favorite artists, as it displays when and where artists play. Discover new artists by reading artist bios, and let your friends know which events you’re attending.

WaterFire Sharon Mobile Apps          WaterFire Sharon Apps

Find restaurants, shopping opportunities, and neat experiences unique to Sharon, PA, with the Points of Interest tab. Henry Ekker’s Autograph Collection, which is one of the most remarkable, wide-ranging sports memorabilia collections in the world, can be found in the Points of Interest tab.

WaterFire Apps

Connect with WaterFire Sharon and other attendees through the Fan Wall tab, using your social media profiles. Connect with WaterFire Sharon on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the organization and stay up-to-date on upcoming events.

WaterFire Sharon iPhone App

BuzzBurrito partnered with WaterFire Sharon and started developing their apps in early spring. The goal is to enhance attendees’ experiences by displaying when and where musicians play, connecting them to local restaurants and shopping opportunities, and allowing them to RSVP for limited-space events. If you plan to attend a WaterFire Sharon event, download either the iPhone app or Android app to enrich your experience.

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