Fueled by our growing need for immediacy and improvements to technology, cell phones have far surpassed the crude, call-only devices they used to be. Smartphones are essentially minicomputers that are never far out of reach. We never leave our smartphones behind, and the Internet is always at our fingertips. We don’t have to wait to find information; on a whim, we can Google anything from anywhere.


The Cutting Edge in Marketing

The Cutting Edge in Marketing: Mobile Marketing

Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to connect with consumers and nurture customer relationships. Cutting edge marketers recognize the potential of mobile marketing. It lets them connect with people instantly. Greg Stuart, CEO of Mobile Marketing Association, was right when he said that there’s nothing as personal and pervasive as mobile devices. He went on to explain that marketers must invest in new marketing channels to help ignite future business.

What makes mobile marketing different than traditional marketing? Mobile marketing invades people’s daily lives, and it’s necessary to connect with them on a more personal level than traditional marketing requires. Mobile marketing offers an incredible opportunity, but to reap the benefits, you have to win people over by building relationships. If you want to keep your customers engaged, you have to offer them something they want.


Friends on Mobile Devices


Mobile marketing is the cutting edge in marketing, and it requires a different touch than traditional marketing. As Greg Stuart’s insight showed, if you’re not adding mobile marketing to your marketing mix, you risk being left behind.


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