We’re excited to announce that we launched Joel Ansett’s mobile app! It’s available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Joel Ansett’s mobile application adds value to both Joel and his fans, where fans can listen to music for free, see upcoming shows, and chat with Joel and each other! Without fans, a music career wouldn’t be possible, and Joel’s app allows him to add value to his fans in a variety of ways.

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Mobile Commerce

Until we launched Joel’s app, you could only buy Joel’s merchandise by attending a show. Now, Joel’s app makes it convenient for his fans to buy CDs and T-shirts using PayPal. Our mobile commerce feature will help Joel increase merchandise sales and allow his fans to buy merchandise without attending a show. It’s important for musicians to have their merchandise for sale in as many places as possible, especially places where it’s convenient for fans to buy.

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Fan Engagement

Joel’s app includes a fan wall, which allows fans to chat with Joel and each other. Joel will use the fan wall for two hours at a time to interact with fans. Fans can ask Joel questions about his songs and suggest song ideas for the future. Fan engagement is important because fans are the ones keeping musicians’ careers alive.

Musician Fan Wall

As well as a fan wall, fans can book Joel Ansett for a show and share their interest in him playing a show in their hometowns. Joel’s app takes fan engagement to a new level.

Push Notifications

Joel can communicate with his fans instantly using push notifications. A push notification, which is similar to a text message, goes directly to app users. They allow Joel to update his fans on new songs, upcoming shows, and special merchandise deals. The push notification feature increases the communication between Joel and his fans, and allows fans to stay in the loop with Joel’s music career.


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