One of the benefits of starting a business without a physical location is the ability to work from anywhere, which was the intention behind BuzzBurrito when launched in July 2013. Since March, Molly Ansett, has worked from the road, traveling with her singer/songwriter husband as they tour the U.S. on The Life and Love Project. We caught up with Molly and asked her about her life as an entrepreneur on tour.

Entrepreneur on Tour


Entrepreneur on Tour


How do you find time to work?

Well, I quickly realized I have to be very intentional about finding time to work each day. Sometimes it means staying back at our host family’s home, while the team spends time in the city. Sometimes it means using my WiFi hotspot while driving from city to city. My work hours aren’t 9 to 5 but when things need to get done. My phone is attached to my hip, and I’m constantly making sure everything is up-to-date.

What does each day look like?

Each day looks different. I start each day by making a list of everything that needs to get done, and then I prioritize that list. I start with the most important items and complete as many within the allotted time.

The beginning of each week usually involves traveling to a different city. While on the road, my day consists of answering emails and phone calls, blogging, and spontaneous singing and dancing parties in a 15-passenger van.

When we’re in a city, we spend our days meeting with people we know or recently met at a show. I love to meet and connect with new people in each city. A lot of my workdays consist of meeting and building relationships with new people. It’s like I’m on a business trip, but the goal is to love people and build meaningful relationships.


The Life and Love Tour


Are you able to meet potential clients?

Life on the road is the door to opportunity. I have met lots of key people in each city. It’s been crazy! Each city is full of passionate people pursuing their dreams. It’s been amazing to see so many people following their dreams and helping others along the way. I have met lots of people who could be potential clients, but my goal isn’t so much to meet potential clients, as it is to meet people who I can partner with to help fulfill their dreams.

Until Next time

The Life and Love Project will continue for the next month, as the crew visits Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. We’ll continue to keep you updated with Facebook posts and tweets about Molly’s life as an entrepreneur on tour. #EntrepreneurOnTour


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